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Troop 27 Wiki Policy

A wiki policy is a set of guidelines explaining how the wiki should be used. Here are my recommendations for how the wiki should operate. Feel free to comment/critique.

User IDs

Anyone, including the public-at-large, should be able to create an ID on this wiki. By default, they won't be able to edit pages. But they will be able to:

  • browse all public pages
  • view the page index
  • update their profile
  • subscribe to page updates (i.e. get notified by email when pages change)
  • use misc. wiki features:
    • see the recent change list
    • view the source code for wiki pages
    • see old revisions of a page

Many scout and parents will fall into this category since all they want is to be notified when certain parts of the wiki change.


All pages should be put into meaningful namespaces. A namespace is just a directory on the hard disk. We all do things like this on our own computers without thinking about it.

Namespaces also lay the foundation for good security. More on that later.

Security Groups

Each users should be members of one or more security groups. Its best if these match our org structure to some degree. My suggested list is:

  • User = default group for anyone that creates an ID
  • Leader = registered adult with permission to edit pages
  • Scout = youth with a login
  • Parent = adult known to the troop

There might be a need for more groups later, but this list illustrates the point.

Access Controls

Here is where the fun begins. With the proper access controls, we can restrict who can view or edit certain pages. Let me use an example… Assume that we have 3 main namespaces:

  • Troop - would likely contain high-level information that is readable by everyone, but only writable by certain people.
  • Patrols - would likely have more namespaces inside of it–one for each patrol. Scouts would be allowed to edit there, but only in their own patrol's namespace. And for child safety reasons, we might restrict viewing of these pages to scouts, parents, and leaders.
  • Resources - would contain miscellaneous information about camping, merit badges, photo galleries, etc. Its likely that members of the troop committee would be able to write here. And possibly youth with troop-level roles (SPL, QM, etc.) would be able to write here, but noone else could write. And depending on content, these pages would probably be viewable by the public at large

So you can see that we have some fully-public areas, some fully-private ones, and some with mixed access. This is the beauty of access control.

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