Policy and Procedure Forms

Below are the Troop 27 general policy and procedure forms including an introduction to the overall Troop policies, bylaws, operating procedures, and personal conduct. Please read and review these as necessary.

Troop Parent Scout Handbook Troop Parent Scout Handbook

Troop 27 Operating Procedures

Troop 27 Bylaws

Troop 27 Conduct Discipline Policy

A Time to Tell- Troop Meeting Guide

How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse - A Parent's Guide

Everyday Forms

Campfire Planner Program

Troop 27 Scoutmaster Conf Guide

Merit Badges Requiring Prior Approval

Sample Letter of Recommendation

national_honor_patrol_award.doc Scoutmaster Note The Scoutmaster must be made aware PRIOR to a Patrol beginning tracking this award. i.e. you cannot start and use the previous 3 months as accomplishments.

Camping Organization (for setting up an Event)

permissionslip_1-2010_camporee.doc This is a typical, already filled our Permission Slip. Change location, cost, times, etc. as needed. Email to all ahead of time. Print multiples and bring to meetings prior to event.

blank_roster_template.xls This excel form is highly flexible - use and/or tailor it to your liking. Easy to keep track of who paid and cash vs. check. When filled out with the attendees and printed, it makes a nice “headcount” checklist to bring on the event.

camping_activity_template.xls A few years back, another leader created this very useful set of Worksheets which allow for better organization with the heavy activity weekends. Again - tailor it to your needs.

camping_coordinator_tasks.docx Here is a list of general tasks for coordinating a camping trip. We normally ask the ASMs to be a coordinator for one or more camping trips per scout year to avoid overloading the SM.

Troop Program Resources

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