Cache to Eagle Posted on 29 August 2009 by Editor

Cache to Eagle is a partnership between Geoscouting, the BSA, and to highlight Eagle projects across the nation. Through the program, participants set up normal public caches at Eagle project sites that also happen to be good cache spots. Dozens of public caches that showcase these remarkable sites are already posted, and the initial response has been fantastic. Hundreds of people visit the Eagle Scout projects, and many of them write public notes on the logs at

Getting to see the pinnacle of Scouting achievement, in a fun way, is highly meaningful for young Scouts. This program can also provide a tremendous source of pride for Scouters and Scouting alumni, and it helps to show the larger community Scouting’s contributions.

Cache to Eagle is a great way to show Scouting’s commitment to service. If each district sets up a series, we will have over a million visitors seeing—first hand—the impact of Scouting on our communities every year.

Finding a Cache to Eagle Series Participating BSA local councils will hide 12 caches in their territories. To find them, go to Geocaching dot com and choose “Hide and Seek a Cache.” Type in the search term “Cache to Eagle” and your BSA local council name.

If you don’t know what council serves your area, visit

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