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  • David Brooks Figures Out the Ultimate Truth: Character Counts! by ScoutAdmin (2015/04/15 11:10)
    I enjoy listening to New York Times Columnist David Brooks both on NPR and as part of the Shields and Brooks pundit pair on the PBS Newshour.  Brooks describes himself as a recovering secularist so the topic for his new book struck a cord with me.  In “The Road To Character” he describes how each of us has what he calls “resume virtues” and “eulogy virtues”.  For many of us we spend most of our life focused on those resume virtues to propel our career forward.  However, after you are gone what really matters are what people will say about you and that will have nothing to do with how far you got in your career.  It will come back to your character and how you treated humanity. David Brooks admits that he only realized later in life fundamental words like grace, humility, and sin should be in the vocabulary of ...
  • The Golden Eaglet (1918) A Silent Movie Brought Back To Life by ScoutAdmin (2015/02/21 20:33)
    I was attending a Girl Scout event today and brought along my copy of the GSA 100th Anniversary book in case there was some down time while the girls were in class. They were working with Engineering students at North Carolina State University and the leaders were asked just to hang back (and so I did!). A few pages into the history book I came across a caption that mentioned a silent movie the GSA produced in 1918 called “A Golden Eaglet”. It tells the fictional story of a Scout named Margaret who passes through the ranks in the early teens eventually earning her Golden Eaglet. As you can see by this screen grab none other than the founder Juliette Gordon Low pinned the badge on her after she successfully earned 21 merit badges. While some of the Scouting portrayed in this movie might seem a little old fashioned (like helping ...
  • Born To Be A Scout by ScoutAdmin (2015/01/30 14:48)
    Now here is a video that will put a smile on your face! Published by Larry Green from over at this is a collection of photos illustrating some features of the Boy Scouts of America’s multifaceted Program, set to the Music, “Born to Be a Scout” by The Alex Boye’ Review. Be sure to hit the share button with your friends!
  • Scoutcraft is not dead! by ScoutAdmin (2014/09/22 11:18)
    SCOUTPIONEERING.COM IS PUTTING THE OUTING IN SCOUTING We were happy this week to run across a great website thanks to a video that was shared on Facebook. The video linked in below was taken over the weekend at a community event in the town of Aynor, South Carolina. What you’ll find is a great example of a Boy Scout troop building a sharp pioneering project – in this case a camp seesaw. This classic Scoutcraft is being kept alive on a website we discovered from the author of the video – Larry Green. Check out the website if you want to see a really motivational blog on what is a powerful but sometimes forgotten part of the program.
  • Boy Scouting: Rocketman Build an Adventure by ScoutAdmin (2014/09/19 16:07)
    It’s that time of year when Boy Scout roundups are taking place all across the country.  In the days of shareable social media that Boy Scouts of American has caught on and is producing and publishing media projects to help with recruitment.  This video that just came out is an example aimed at showing the adventure and possibilities of Scouting.  I hope you like it! Share this post if you give it a thumbs up.
  • Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Brave by CharlesN (2012/08/29 13:17)
    “A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.” Sir Lord Baden-Powell A Scout is Brave.  Bravery comes in many forms.  Many of us think of bravery as having the courage to camp out in the woods at night surrounded by wild animals, climbing up a rock wall for the first time, hiking up to the Tooth of Time to find yourself so high up above base camp, or jumping into action to save a life.  Yes, those are all examples of showing bravery. As another school year begins, there will be many opportunities for you to demonstrate what it means to be a Scout.  You will need to be brave in a number of these situations.  How will you respond if you see another classmate being bullied?  Will you stand by and watch or will you lend your classmate a hand?  What will ...
  • Ultralight Backpacking for Scouts? by MikeD (2012/07/10 10:53)
    Ultralight backpacking may be the biggest change to hit Scout backpacking since the development of the hip strap. While still slightly contentious among some traditional Troops, Ultralight is increasingly accepted as a viable alternative to carrying the entire equipment list developed by traditionalists. Many experienced backpackers have already made the transition and Ultralight principles are showing up in popular basic backpacking courses and in many hiking groups. Ultralight practitioners promote the idea that a Scout can lower his pack weight by purchasing newer and lighter equipment, eliminating potentially unnecessary items, sharing equipment among the group, and using things for multiple purposes. It’s not unusual for an advocate to get their pack weight down from the traditional 40-50 lbs to as little as 15 pounds by carefully weighing each item and continually seeking improvement. Their goal is to maintain the same level of comfort and safety at a significantly lower pack weight ...
  • Feeding A Bunch of Hungry Backpackers by MikeD (2012/06/10 08:43)
    On a 50 miler, getting into camp every afternoon means a brief sense of accomplishment which is followed by a flurry of activity. Backpacks have to be emptied of group equipment. Water has to be filtered. Bear bag trees need to be located. Tents need erecting. And most important for many, dinner has to be prepared and eaten. Meals on a backpacking trip assume an inordinate importance to Scouts. During the long afternoon climbs, everyone thinks about what they are going to eat for dinner. Then as soon as dinner is finished, hikers start to talk about what is on the menu for the next day. Changes in the plan, delays, short rations, confusion, or just plain bad food can send even the most mature backpacker into a temper tantrum. Many groups believe in communal cooking. If there are twelve hikers ...
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