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  • “It didn’t rain today” by macipeterson (2014/11/28 00:01)
    Tom Swiftie: “It didn’t rain today,” Tom said dryly.
  • How the grape felt by macipeterson (2014/11/27 00:01)
    Barry: How did the grape feel when the elephant stepped on it? Terry: Tell me. Barry: Crushed!
  • Boys’ Life Thanksgiving Poll Infographic by keithfaber (2014/11/26 13:32)
    Thanksgiving Polls Throughout November, we polled our readers on to get their thoughts on Thanksgiving. Here's what we learned.
  • Turkey Games by ednalemons (2014/11/26 12:45)
  • A giraffe’s favorite fruit. by macipeterson (2014/11/26 00:01)
    Peter: What is a giraffe’s favorite fruit? Elaine: What? Peter: A neck-tarine!
  • “Horror Stories” by macipeterson (2014/11/25 00:01)
    A book never written: “Horror Stories” by Ima Frayed.
  • White gas stoves more versatile by Boys' Life (2014/11/24 04:04)
    stove-200x148Q. Why are white gas stoves more versatile than butane, propane, or other canister stoves?
  • How the ocean said hello by macipeterson (2014/11/24 00:01)
    Nick: How did the ocean say hello? Rick: How? Nick: It just waved!
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