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  • “A Guide to Old Age” by macipeterson (2015/05/28 01:01)
    A book never written: “A Guide to Old Age” by Akin Payne.
  • 21 funny summer vacation jokes by Boys' Life (2015/05/27 15:46)
    Celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer with these 21 funny summer vacation jokes sent to us by Boys' Life readers.
  • In the June 2015 issue by Boys' Life (2015/05/27 13:16)
    Here’s what you’ll find inside the June 2015 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Remember, many articles are exclusive to the printed magazine and are not available online. To subscribe to Boys’ Life magazine, please visit On the June 2015 cover SQUEEZE PLAY Canyoneering serves up just the right mix of technical challenge and fun. • Video and photos of Troop 818’s trek This month’s other features BACKPACK BASICS The Gear Guy helps you pick the perfect pack with handy shopping tips and tricks. • Backpack buying guide   RAISING A RACKET Get to know three American teen tennis stars. • Fun video of Pedro playing tennis   BL WORKSHOP: MAKE A WOODEN YO-YO Build this classic toy and become a yo-yo expert. • How to make a wooden yo-yo • How to do 5 yo-yo tricks • Upload pictures of your projects Only in our Boy Scout edition SCOUTING AROUND Health Matters: You can help members of your community by organizing a health fair. • Visit the Scouting Around blog   COOL JOBS: MUSICIAN Meet Imagine Dragons lead singer (and Eagle Scout) Dan Reynolds. • Listen to BL‘s interview with Dan Reynolds   BE CYBER SAFE (AND SMART) Think [...]
  • Pedro the Mailburro Takes Up Tennis by keithfaber (2015/05/27 09:54)
    Pedro wants to be a tennis star, and has begun his training. How well do you think that went? Special thanks to the Arlington Tennis Center for use of the facility!
  • NHL 15 game review by Boys' Life (2015/05/27 09:22)
    nhl15-200x148Stand up and cheer because NHL 15 is not the same old hockey video game.
  • The telephone didn’t pass the eighth grade by macipeterson (2015/05/27 01:01)
    Annie: Why didn’t the telephone pass the eighth grade? Lila: Tell me! Annie: It wasn’t a smart phone!
  • How to build a wooden yo-yo by keithfaber (2015/05/26 17:18)
    Build this classic toy and become a yo-yo expert.
  • Choose Pedro’s Wacky Adventure by Boys' Life (2015/05/26 10:37)
    Pedro tells the story, but you twist the plot in our new interactive adventure.
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