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  • Georgia Boy Scouts Travel To Guatemala To Help Cub Scouts by Aaron Derr (2014/07/26 13:00)
    GuatemalaDerbyA Georgia Boy Scout troop has adopted a Cub Scout pack in Guatemala, helping them with their pinewood derby, blue-and-gold banquet, and other functions.
  • How you cut the ocean in half by macipeterson (2014/07/26 05:01)
    Antonio: How do you cut the ocean in half? Chris: Beats me. Antonio: With a sea saw!
  • How to make a pallet planter by Boys' Life (2014/07/25 15:38)
    pallet-200x148You can make this rustic planter out of split pallet slats and a five-gallon bucket.
  • Eagle Scout Removes 180 Pounds Of Garbage From Creek by Aaron Derr (2014/07/25 13:00)
    TonawandaTrashAlex Hansen, an Eagle Scout from the Buffalo, New York, area, recently coordinated a project that hauled 180 pounds of trash from a local creek.
  • What the teddy bear said by macipeterson (2014/07/25 05:01)
    Mike: What did the teddy bear say when offered dessert? Ike: Tell me. Mike: “No, thanks; I’m stuffed!”
  • Community Service Project Keeps Scout’s Hometown Safe by Aaron Derr (2014/07/24 13:00)
    StreetSignsA Boy Scout has made his community safer by overseeing the installation of 16 street signs to better mark the roads for volunteer firefighters.
  • Bird calling by macipeterson (2014/07/24 05:01)
    Two birders are bird calling. The first one makes an odd sound. “What was that?” the second one asks. “A gulp,” says the first one. “What kind of bird is that?” asks the second birder. “It’s like a swallow,” the first one says. “Only it’s bigger.”
  • Canoeing through Bowron Lake Provincial Park by Boys' Life (2014/07/23 19:08)
    bowron-promoSee photos of Troop 136's canoeing trek through Canada's Bowron Lake Provincial Park, where they found majestic mountains, remarkable rivers and lovely lakes. And plenty of paddling.
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