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  • What lightning drinks by macipeterson (2014/10/25 01:01)
    Tad: What does lightning drink on a cold day? Brett: Beats me. Tad: Hot shock-olate!
  • Bronx Scout honored for saving elderly neighbor and toddler from apartment fire by keithfaber (2014/10/24 14:03)
    A 17-year-old Scout received the Honor Medal on October 16 after racing into a burning apartment building in January to save his elderly neighbor and a toddler. Jack Dailey – a member of Troop 240, Riverdale, N.Y. – had just returned to his seventh floor apartment in the Bronx when he smelled smoke. He quickly determined […]
  • “Vintage Autos” by macipeterson (2014/10/24 01:01)
    A book never written: “Vintage Autos” by Stu D. Baker.
  • Nominate inspirational youth for Outdoor Inspirations Awards by keithfaber (2014/10/23 13:28)
    A true outdoor community event, the Outdoor Inspiration Awards celebrates individuals, groups, and companies whose efforts go above and beyond in inspiring others in their communities to participate in outdoor activities. The Boy Scouts of America is a sponsor of the event, which has added a “Youth” category this year. Make your Nominations today through November 21 […]
  • Build a Display Table by keithfaber (2014/10/23 12:04)
    display-table-200x148Show off your Scouting mementos.
  • My brother thinks he’s a rubber band by macipeterson (2014/10/23 01:01)
    Hunter: Doctor, help! My brother thinks he’s a rubber band. Doctor: Tell him to snap out of it.
  • Disney Infinity by keithfaber (2014/10/22 15:34)
    Disney Infinity Game CoverIn the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set, I'm having trouble with the final ship battle against Davy Jones and the Kraken. Do you have any tips to help me finish?
  • Civilization V by keithfaber (2014/10/22 12:17)
    Civilization V Cover

    When I was playing as the Bismarck German Empire, Siam declared war on me and had rocket artillery, bombers and modern armor. How do I defend? They already captured three of my cities! Help!

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