Boys Life News

  • High Adventure by ednalemons (2014/10/21 12:41)
  • Eagle Scout Survives Venture Into Shark Tank by Aaron Derr (2014/10/21 10:00)
    NoahCahoonNoah Cahoon, a 14-year-old Eagle Scout from American Fork, Utah, was recently a guest on the ABC show Shark Tank, where ambitious entrepreneurs pitch ideas to some hungry — and sometimes unpleasant — businessmen. And he did just fine.
  • 35 funny Halloween jokes by Boys' Life (2014/10/21 01:01)
    Happy Halloween! Here are 35 funny and spooky Halloween jokes by Boys' Life readers.
  • Soda’s favorite school subject by macipeterson (2014/10/21 01:01)
    Dan: What is a soda’s favorite school subject? Ryan: I haven’t a clue. Dan: Fizz ed.
  • SOL Origin Survival Kit: Worth the Price? by keithfaber (2014/10/20 13:13)
    SOL Origin Survival KitI bought the SOL Origin Survival Kit, but my friends told me this was a rip-off. Do you think it was worth it?
  • I Won the Battle by macipeterson (2014/10/20 01:07)
    A book never written: “I Won the Battle” by Vic Tory.
  • Troop 1015’s Turkey Feed recipes by Boys' Life (2014/10/17 12:25)
    Every November, Troop 1015 invites almost everyone they know to attend their Turkey Feed. Here are the recipes they use to feed 100 people.
  • Action Camera buying guide by keithfaber (2014/10/17 10:04)
    gopro-200x148Looking to buy an action camera? The Gear Guy is here to fill you in on the stuff you need to know and the cameras you should consider.
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