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  • Six VR Products You Need To Know About by Clay Swartz (2018/02/17 11:12)
    Virtual reality has finally hit the mainstream. Here are six new products you should know about in the expanding world of VR: Oculus Go Hate wires? Oculus Go ($199) is the first-ever standalone VR headset. That means it’s wireless and has its own small computer built right inside. Dell Visor Dell’s new Visor does something most VR headsets don’t: flip up without you having to remove the headset. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s very handy when you need to address life in the real world. Marvel Powers United This is a brilliant idea. You can be, say, the Hulk or Thor, and use their powers in Oculus VR. You’ll really feel like a superhero! Star Child This mystery game for PlayStation VR, comes from the same people who made the 2016 platformer Lucky’s Tale. It’ll release later this year. Sprint Vector PlayStation VR’s is a wild multiplayer racing game in which you run against others through multicolored dimensions. It’ll be out in later 2018, too.
  • 10 Amazing Duct-Tape Creations You Can Make Right Now by Gina Circelli (2018/02/13 11:48)
    Is there anything you can’t make with duct tape and a little imagination?
  • The 5 Best Family-Friendly YouTube Channels by Clay Swartz (2018/02/13 11:12)
    These family-friendly YouTube gamers are smart, hilarious and tons of fun.
  • ‘The Calculation’ by Anthony Horowitz by Boys' Life (2018/02/12 14:27)
    An Alex Rider -- British teen spy -- story exclusive to Boys' Life magazine.
  • Watch the Winning Videos in the 2017 Summer Fun Video Contest by Boys' Life (2018/02/12 10:47)
    The Boys’ Life Sierra Trading Post 2017 Summer Fun Video Contest saw hundreds of excellent submissions from readers like you. Here are the winners and their 17-second winning videos. They got $500 Sierra Trading Post gift cards for first place and $50 cards for runners-up. AGES 6-11 WINNERS 1st Place: Gregory M., Dublin, Ohio Runner-up: Forrester B., Cambridge, Massachusetts Runner-up: Calvin P., Somerset, Mass. AGES 12-17 WINNERS 1st Place: Peyton K., Canton, Georgia Runner Up: James C., Palo Alto, California Runner Up: Sam S., Livingston, Montana Sorry, this video is not available.
  • How to Build Your Own Dishwashing Rack by Boys' Life (2018/02/08 16:19)
    Here's how to build a dishwashing rack that can be used for backcountry dish and utensil cleaning.
  • How to Make a Homemade Kite by Boys' Life (2018/02/08 12:23)
    Get step-by-step guides for making a tetrahedral, box or diamond-shaped kite.
  • Where to Add Weight to a Pinewood Derby Car to Make it Go Faster by Boys' Life (2018/01/31 18:00)
    Should you add weight to the back of your Pinewood Derby car or to the front? Here's what we know about that age-old question.
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