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  • Scouting history tour of Washington, D.C. by Boys' Life (2015/04/16 12:52)
    Washington, D.C., is filled with Scouting history. The first National Scout Jamboree was held near the Washington Monument in 1937, and every president since Howard Taft has served as the honorary president of the BSA. Explore the interactive map below to see some of the Scouting-related attractions in our nation’s capital and then scroll down to see how you can take an actual Scouting history hike in Washington, D.C. Click on icons to view historic sites. (full screen) HIKING THROUGH SCOUTING’S HISTORY The National Capital Area Council’s History of Scouting Trail (HOST) program is designed to take visitors to Washington, D.C., on a tour of Scouting’s past. The HOST program features two options: the 5.9-mile Colin Livingstone Hike, named for the first president of the BSA, and the 7.2-mile Baden-Powell Hike, named in honor of the founder of Scouting. Each route features 21 Scouting-related attractions — the same number of badges required to earn Eagle Scout. But finding them is part of the challenge. That’s because HOST is part capital tour, part scavenger hunt. Scouts must fill out cards showing they completed a challenge at each site. ANOTHER HOST OPPORTUNITY In May 2015, the National Capital Area Council will add [...]
  • Make a solar hot dog cooker by Boys' Life (2015/04/16 09:15)
    If you curve some aluminum foil just right, you can cook hot dogs with the sun's heat.
  • “Majestic Birds” by macipeterson (2015/04/16 01:01)
    A book never written: “Majestic Birds” by E. Gulls.
  • How to keep spiders as pets by Boys' Life (2015/04/16 01:01)
    Spiders can make fascinating pets. Here are a few steps to get you started keeping spiders.
  • What month do you cut down a tree by macipeterson (2015/04/15 01:01)
    Joshua: In what month do you cut down a tree? Greg: Which one? Joshua: Sep-timber!
  • Paddleboarding buying guide by Boys' Life (2015/04/14 14:01)
    The Gear Guy gives you the lowdown on paddleboarding, one of the world's fastest-growing outdoor sports.
  • Learn Guitar from a Pro by keithfaber (2015/04/14 10:26)
  • Running shoes buying guide by Boys' Life (2015/04/14 10:00)
    Pro runner Alan Webb unveils the best strategy for shopping for running shoes.
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