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  • Scouts help residents dig out after snowstorm by Aaron Derr (2015/01/30 11:16)
    HothSnowmageddon 2015 may not have been all it was expected to be, but that doesn't mean there aren't people who need help. Time to send in the Boy Scouts.
  • Two days that start with T by macipeterson (2015/01/30 00:01)
    Teacher: Name the two days of the week that start with “t.” Student: Today and tomorrow.
  • How to make a camera-phone stabilizer by Boys' Life (2015/01/29 09:39)
    stabilizer-200x148To take great smartphone photos, you need to hold your phone steady. This simple, easy-to-build smartphone stabilizer is one way to make sure your cellphone photos and videos will be shake-free.
  • Autistic Scout’s message: “You are not alone” by Aaron Derr (2015/01/29 09:26)
    MichaelWharyMichael Whary, a Boy Scout from Troop 120 in Elyria, Ohio, has a message for autistic children, and parents of children who have recently been diagnosed with autism.
  • “How to Make Pizza” by macipeterson (2015/01/29 00:01)
    A book never written: “How to Make Pizza” by Alotto Dough.
  • It’s Klondike derby season; have you had yours? by Aaron Derr (2015/01/28 12:53)
    KlondikeKlondike derbies are great. You get to have fun in the snow by also learning and practicing essential Scout skills, and you get to compete against your friends and talk all kinds of smack if you win.
  • The roof’s illness by macipeterson (2015/01/28 00:01)
    Joe: What illness did the roof have? Bill: Tell me. Joe: Shingles.
  • Climb To The Top by ednalemons (2015/01/27 13:44)
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