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  • Why the bank couldn’t keep any secrets by macipeterson (2016/09/26 01:01)
    Joe: Why couldn’t the bank keep any secrets? John: Why? Joe: It had too many tellers!
  • When a clock is hungry by macipeterson (2016/09/25 01:01)
    Mike: What does a clock do when it’s hungry? Cliff: What? Mike: It goes back four seconds.
  • Who delivers presents to cats by macipeterson (2016/09/24 01:01)
    Adam: Who delivers presents to cats? Jim: Who? Adam: Santa Claws!
  • Are we poisonous by macipeterson (2016/09/23 01:01)
    Baby snake: Are we poisonous? Mom snake: Yes. Why? Baby snake: I just bit my tongue!
  • How to Buy a Tent by keithfaber (2016/09/23 01:01)
    Valuable tent buying tips, plus a look at seven of Gear Guy's favorite new tents.
  • Pocketknife and Multitool Buying Guide by Boys' Life (2016/09/23 01:01)
    knives-200x148.jpgBe prepared for anything with a trusty knife or multi-tool. Here's how to choose the best one to fit your needs.
  • 10 Tips to Become a Chess Champ by Boys' Life (2016/09/23 01:01)
    If you want to be a chess champ, it'll take lots of learning and lots of practicing. Here are 10 tips to get you started.
  • Make a Weather Barometer by Boys' Life (2016/09/23 01:01)
    Make a barometer to give you a heads-up about weather conditions.
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