Going By the Book
By Ken McAlpine
The 2010 BSA Handbook nods to the past, bows to the future.

Your New Handbook in a Nutshell
It’s the 12th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook (the First Edition came out in 1911).
It commemorates Scouting’s Centennial.
The handbook is available NOW in Scout shops and online at www.scoutstuff.org.
The first printing was 700,000 copies. Additional printings will likely top 3 million copies.
It’s printed entirely on recycled paper.
It combines vintage artwork from handbooks past with modern photos and graphics.
It’s color coded for easy navigation.
You can learn more at www.bsahandbook.org.

Test Your Scouting IQ
The boys know it all, but what about you?

Where and when did the first Scout camping trip take place?
What does GPS stand for?
GPS is nifty, but the ever-reliable compass has been around for a long time. When and where did compasses first appear?
Name two new Scout positions introduced in the new handbook.
Other than backpacks, how did early Scouts carry supplies?
Name three signs of dehydration.
What is the order of water rescue?
Who builds the leaders of tomorrow?

IQ Answers http://www.scoutingmagazine.org/issues/0909/a-handbook.html#sbar2

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