Florida Backpacking Trips

New to backpacking and need a partner? Returning to backpacking and looking to brush up your skills? Browse the listings on the right for opportunities to join upcoming backpacking trips led by activity leaders from our various chapters.

Our prime backpacking season is December to March, with most major organized events occuring in February, designated by the state as Florida Hiking Trails Month.

You'll find activities scheduled during all of our hiking season, October through May. Organized backpacking trips are rare in our summer months, since the heat, insects, and afternoon thundershowers dampen the experience. http://www.floridatrail.org/trips-backpacking.html

Suggested Backpacking Trips

Overnight Trips (loop)

  • Croom Tract Loop Trail, Croom Tract, Withlacoochee State Forest, 20 miles
  • Fort Braden Hiking Trail, Lake Talquin State Forest, 18 miles
  • East Loop & West Loop, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, 17 miles
  • Dupuis Hiking Trail, Dupuis Wildlife Management Area, 15 miles
  • Torreya Hiking Trail, Torreya State Park, 12 miles
  • Florida Trail, Bull Creek WMA, 12 miles
  • Big Oak Hiking Trail, Suwannee River State Park , 12 miles
  • Florida Trail, Three Lakes WMA, 12 miles
  • Buster Island Loop, Lake Kissimmee State Park, 6.5 miles
  • Collier-Seminole Hiking Trail, Collier-Seminole State Park, 6.5 miles

Overnight Trips (linear)

  • Florida Trail, Econfina Creek, 18 miles
  • Florida Trail, Juniper Springs to Hopkins Prairie , 11 miles

3 Day Weekend

  • Florida Trail, Blackwater River State Forest, 38 miles
  • Florida Trail, Green Swamp, 34 miles
  • Florida Trail, Hickory Hammock to Kicco, 31 miles
  • Ocean to Lake Trail, Everglades Youth Camp (Corbett WMA) to DuPuis Reserve entrance, 26 miles
  • Richloam Loop , Richloam Tract, Withlacoochee State Forest, 26 miles
  • Florida Trail, Osecola National Forest, 21 miles
  • Arbuckle Trail , Lake Wales Ridge State Forest, 19 miles (loop)

Less than 1 Week

  • Florida Trail, Eglin Air Force Base, US 331 to FL 85, 49 miles (permit required)
  • Florida Trail, Big Cypress National Preserve, 45 miles
  • Citrus Hiking Trail , Withlacoochee State Forest, 43 miles (loop)
  • Myakka Hiking Trail, Myakka River State Park, 35.9 miles (loop)
  • Florida Trail, Cross Florida Greenway , Pruitt Trailhead to Marshall Swamp, 31 miles
  • Florida Trail, Suwannee River , 58 miles (membership required)
  • Florida Trail, St. Marks NWR , 54 miles (permit required)

1 Week or More

  • Florida Trail around Lake Okeechobee , 112 miles (loop)
  • Florida Trail, Ocala National Forest , 70 miles
  • Florida Trail, Apalachicola National Forest, 71 miles

Backpacking Gear, Tips, etc...

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